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Take Me To Magnolia

If you've ever turned on HGTV then you probably have seen the show Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines. You also probably know about their Silos in Waco, TX.

July of 2018 I was on Instagram and saw that they were accepting applications for their Fall Silobration. At that time I had just started Boston Flower Co. I took some quick pictures, worked on my social media (with about 100) followers at this point, and submitted my application. I told a few close family and friends and got a "well good luck."

About a month later I received a congratulations email and couldn't believe it! Her people and maybe even her saw my talents. Something that I thought few saw.

In October my good friend Emily and I hit the road for Waco. We got relocated every turn we should have made and ended up driving basically through small towns and back roads.

When we got to Waco I instantly felt the small town vibe and kind nature of the people. We pulled into the vendors parking lot, me still in awe that I should be there and that I wasn't just crashing the event.

My sister joined us to help run our booth and we instantly started our set up. I start going through everything and realized that I didn't have our tool box! Yup how are you suppose to assemble walls and tables without tools. Luckily the booths next to us were willing to share and we got everything assembled.

The next few days flew by. I got comments like "your booth is my favorite," "Ive never seen anything like your products," and "your items are so simple and beautiful." The amount of enthusiasm for my business was overwhelming and such a confidence booster.

So you're probably wondering, did we meet Chip or Joanna!?

The answer is yes and no. Joanna walked through our booths when we were all in the Silos and then met us in there. She was just like you would expect. Down to earth and so nice. She walked in with no makeup, a ball cap, and holding her sweet little baby boy. She thanked us for being there and had a lot of kind words.

The whole experience was a once in a life time experience that I hope to have over!


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