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Behind The Bouquets

I first got the idea to preserve bouquets because I couldn't find any preservation shops that I would use. They all were in shadow boxes and dried as a whole. I knew that I could create something beautiful for the brides, so here I am.

I still get excited seeing the bouquets when they come in the mail. They all have their unique style and I get a sense of the brides wedding - her esthetic and the feel that she wanted to achieve.

Some of my most favorite ones are the most simple. Roses with greenery and one or two accent flowers seem to be winners.

It takes up to 6 weeks for the flowers to completely dry. I don't add anything to them to speed up the process. I think it's important to let nature take its course. Once they are dry I can start to lay them out and create art for the bride. I have a standard system for a cohesive appealing look, alternating and layering the florals - but each one turns out so unique. Just like the bride.


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