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Mornings & Instagram

Every morning my day starts off with coffee mixed with a little milk. My goal this year is to add Instagram to that morning ritual. I love scrolling through someones feed that has amazing content. Like you want to jump into their life.

So jump right in.

Instagram is by far my favorite social media outlet. I think it's where you can connect the best, but I have to be honest - I'm probably at a middle school level. So, what am I doing and what am I going to start doing?

What I'm Currently Doing:

1. Sharing cohesive pictures

2. Using the same filters

3. Utilizing white backgrounds

What I'm Going To Do:

1. Use more tagging!

I share so many beautiful pictures of flowers and bouquets, but don't have the customers tagged. I need to, right!?

2. Show time laps assembly videos.

I love seeing creative Instagrams show their process. This one might take awhile because I need to get the right tripod to face my camera down. (I youtube how to lol)

3. Connect with other Instagramers that are in the Wedding industry.

I receive so many messages from brides saying that they wished they had known about me and their bouquet is already dried.

So lets connect @bostonflowerco

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