"Turning Flowers Into Art"

Open through 2022

Advanced - Wedding 2-3 Months Away

Rush - Current or 1 Month Away

Previously Dried - Bouquet Already Dried

Keepsake - Gift Addition to Your Order

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What to expect..

I will be in touch with you shortly to go over your floral design needs. If you've purchased an Advanced Reservation an invoice will be sent shortly along with the shipping instructions. If you've purchased a Rush Order, the shipping instructions are on their way! 


See a more in depth description of the process in The Process page.   

Frequently asked questions..

How does shipping work?

I ship to all 50 States and have bouquets sent in from all over the US. We ask that fresh bouquets be sent 1-2 business days post wedding. Detailed shipping instructions will be sent after a purchase is made. *Shipping costs to us are not included in purchase price.

What is the average cost?

Each order varies.

What if I live in a different State?

Live outside of California? No worries. We ship to and from all 50 US States and have flowers shipped in also.

What if my date changes?

Life changes and we understand. As long as your deposit is made and a date change request is made, we are happy to make that adjustment for you.

Can I edit my order?

Yes. Your order can be changed up until two weeks prior to your wedding. That gives us enough time to properly change the materials needed.

Where can I find more examples of your work?

Bouquet examples can be found in my Before/After Page or on Instagram @bostonflowerco

How long do the flowers last?

That time varies based on many factors, such as the environment the flowers are in and the type of flowers. Generally with all preservation methods the color will start to fade but the flowers themselves will hold their integrity longer if in an untouched environment. There is no specific lifespan due to the product being natural and perishable.

What flowers work best in an artwork?

Thin flowers that don't hold a lot of moisture work best. A large variety of flowers make the most dynamic art pieces. 

What is the preservation method used?

Floral and plant preservation is a technique which allows the plant to maintain its original appearance for a long time. I use the pressing method so that the flowers are thin enough to fit between the glass and plexiglass. 

What is the return policy?

Please see our Terms & Conditions page