Advance Reservation - Framed Bouquet

Advance Reservation - Framed Bouquet


Estimated shipping times doubled for orders placed - 3 month turn around

OPEN through 2022


2 Or More Months Away - Send within one week after wedding. Turn your bouquet into forever art! Send your bouquet and let me create a one if a kind piece for you inspired by you.


$100 Deposit goes toward size of your choice.

Sizes - Total Price:

Small 9x12 $248

Medium 12x18 $348


Maple hardwood frame



@bostonflowerco *Please see product details *Please review our product description, care instructions, and policies located at the bottom of the page

  • Terms

    Terms Non-refundable reservation deposit to be used toward desired size framed bridal bouquet. A full payment is due on the 1st - a month prior to wedding. Lack of payment will result in loss of initial deposit. Any changes in frame size must be done on or before the full payment is due. By purchasing you agree to the terms and acknowledge you will receive a purchase agreement to be signed and included in the box with the bouquet.

  • Product Details

    Each bouquet is different, therefore the look of your frame will be unique to you flowers. 


    The frame is made of real wood, the front being glass and the back being plexiglass.


    Wood - The frame is Solid Maple. It has a thin sleek look. The coloring is natural. Upon arrival you may disasemble the frame and paint/stain frame.


    Glass - The front is a solid clear glass.


    Plexiglass - The plexiglass usage is to allow for flexibility with the flowers, as they will not and cannot be completely flat. Depending on the thicknes of your flowers the backing may stick out slightly past the frame. This is not a construction issue, but rather a customization toward your bouquet. It has no bearing on the quality or longevity of life of you frame.

  • Care

    Keep out of direct sunlight

    Avoid placing in high moisture areas

    Over time, flower my change or fade

  • Terms & Conditions

    Before purchasing please see our Terms & Conditions